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A few years ago, building mobile apps for different purposes was so difficult. Mobile app development has come a long way. With the changing technologies, the android app development market is seeing lots of innovation every day.



what we are-

Codeware Ltd. is one of the leading mobile apps development company in Bangladesh. With a team of dedicated and talented professionals that have provided multiple ranges of feature-rich customized mobile apps, website design and development etc. services. We bring the best of technology on mobile platforms for clients' benefit. We have delivered successful native and hybrid applications over the years. Our team keeps updated with the latest technological trends for web and mobile app development.


Developers had to write code and systems from scratch to develop apps for each different platform. Thankfully, development tools have come a long way since then!


Why Choose Us -

A pace to Your Business Wings – Codeware Develop mobile app that raises your business limit.

Codeware Mobile app team is materializing your dream app in real life with a bang. It's not a far reality to see your app appearing on grand platforms like Apple Store or Google Play. We are reaching out to you to give you the best deal on mobile app development. We are budget-friendly as well as never behind time – meeting every step of our client's requirements. Our portfolio for mobile apps gives you a quick glance at the apps we have created that are thriving in the market.


Steps of successful mobile apps development - 


A great imagination, successful creation depends on strong imagination


Your unique idea and our capable building hands are a deadly combination for a brilliant and efficient app. We will enhance your beautiful idea with our strong teamwork to create a useful app that will totally worth it. You only need to let us know about your requirements and our android app development team will give you your dream app.



Selection design and development methodology – is it Native, Responsive web or Hybrid?


Apps are mainly of three types – Native, Web and Hybrid. Native apps are usable on one particular platform; it can be ios, android or blackberry. These apps are not functional in any other system other than their own. An android app is only usable in the android system; it cannot be applied to blackberry or ios. But still, native apps are preferred over hybrid or web apps when it comes to performance.


Since they are made for a single platform, native apps have faster access to mobile features such as Camera, Microphone, GPS, etc. But hybrid and web apps don't have these advantages. Native apps are also very flexible and they come with optimized performance providing the users with the best app experience. They are compatible with other apps on the device and provide high-quality and beautiful user interfaces.

Web apps are the opposite of native apps. They need not be on a particular platform; they can be accessed via any browser or mobile.

Hybrid apps are a combination of both native and web apps. They act like a native app but also have some web app features added to them, although with some added inconveniences.


Our mobile app development team is well-equipped to create these apps for you. We will develop your selected app design as per your liking.


Design the sketch layout and make the wireframe


Wireframing is a practical method very much needed not only in android app development but also in every kind of mobile application development. A wireframe is like a skeleton - just like you can guess a lot about a creature by looking at its skeleton, similarly, a wireframe is a simplified visual guide that helps you understand how the application will mainly work without revealing the design or the features. We will make the basic wireframe for your app so you can essentially grasp what your app is going to be like and how it's going to work.


We have the best android developer panel to plan and draw wireframes for your app. Our team has been recognized as one of the best layout planners and we aim to satisfy your requirements.



Transform wireframe to UX design


While Wireframe is the bone, UX is the skin of an app. We create full-fledged working apps from scratch that include rich UX, excellent performance and the best user experience. We ensure full-functioned, handy apps with aesthetic looks and top-notch performance for our clients.

Our android app development company has the finest designing team that will perfect your app with an enviable UX design, compelling everyone to love your app.



Develop a prototype and sync with the real plan


Before the final presentation, we will provide you with a prototype to ensure that you are on board with our project and if there are any changes to make we'll discuss them with you thoroughly before launching the final product.


Refine and correction t  the bugs


Embellishing and delivering high-quality products and also providing full maintenance service. Codeware mobile app development team also offers to fix bugs and further solutions to any kind of app trouble.





Connect with appropriate analytical tool


Integrating with proper analytic tools that help you keep track of your app's online marketing, how the users behave in-app, the app's performance, etc.


Release to beta tester


Our Codeware android app development team has sharp and reputable beta-testers for apps to ensure user-friendliness and functionality.

Release to Marketplace – apple store or google play


Marketing is one of the main factors in mobile app development. Because even with all the incredibility an app will fall short of success just for the lack of the right marketing. That's why we strategically launch apps in the market with the clarity to feature them in the highest-ranking position.


Upgrade your app with improvements and new features


We are here to provide you with plenty of brand new android app features and making UX effortless with regular bug fixings. We will also upgrade your app regularly with the latest features and necessary changes.

Compatible Mobile Applications for iOS, Windows, Android we resort to the top-rated technology for the development. We help you to develop your ideas into a cross-platform application. Our commendable app developers provide the higher code reusability that eventually works well with all the top platforms.


To achieve your goal an array of experienced IT passionate working , those are really happy to talk, hear and willing to help to reach your goal and implement the strategy-The team codeware. Contact Us for your any question

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